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Release the Fear of Living

Release the Fear of Living Isis of Egypt with Osiris through Rae Chandran

Hello, my dear sisters and brothers, this is Isis. Many of you know me as the Mother of Love, Mother of Mystery and Alchemy, or Mother of Wholeness. I am all these and more. I hold the frequency of love for Earth and its inhabitants for the forward movement of the human race. This is just one small aspect of my wholeness.

I, along with my beloved Osiris, have been holding the light for Earth for eons. My beloved Osiris holds the energy of renewal and new beginnings, which can also be called rebirth or resurrection in all new moments. Have you ever wondered how the human consciousness evolves, how humans progress? What made them think a higher thought to create a new reality? If there are no higher thoughts, then there is no growth or advancement. Osiris and I have been the energy behind each inspiration to change in order to discover more of yourself and create a better life.

Osiris’s energy is embedded inside the pineal gland. When fully awakened, it can spur growth in all areas of life. Fear prevents human beings from discovering more of themselves — fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown creates the fear of failure. Fear of failure triggers the energies of doubt, confusion, and survival. Then the lower energies embedded in the chakras are activated, and this pulls back human endeavor. Also, due to the experiences of pain and suffering you have endured in the past, there is a great fear of any pain that could be caused when you try a new experience.