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Pay Attention to Your Perceptions

Pay Attention to Your Perceptions Lynn Buess

This month features giving attention to your mind, belief systems, and perceptions of the world around you. Many of your thoughts that go into decision-making are programmed by dark forces to mislead and deceive you away from what is true. Do you examine what both sides are saying? Do you exercise reason and ask questions about the information you receive? Do you look beyond rhetoric for the source of information and its purpose?

Thoughts can be planted. Stimulants, drugs, and raucous behavior can let in outside entities and intrusive consciousnesses that prompt negative thoughts and reactions that are not your own. Opening your mind to information coming from other sources can invite in spokesmen for any number of agendas, not all of which are good for humanity.

Intuition can be a blessing and offer information you don’t ordinarily receive from rational quests. When masculine and feminine polarities of mind are in harmony, you improve the possibility of receiving accurate guidance and truth. That said, intuitive information is filtered through your personality and can be interpreted through your beliefs and desires, so you need to be careful.