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The Path to Purity

The Path to Purity The Unicorns through Jaap van Etten

We are the voice of the Unicorn collective. We are grateful that you almost always describe us as positive creatures in your stories and movies. Children love us, and adults increasingly connect with us. We are part of the invisible worlds. These worlds are out of phase with yours or at a frequency outside your perception. You do not see us with your eyes, but many of you believe in our existence for a variety of reasons. That is touching in many ways but also risky.

You need other ways of seeing these worlds and all that exists in them. You call that way of seeing extrasensory perception. Most people have forgotten that perception with other senses exists. Even when you use these extra senses, that does not mean you can receive all energies from the subtle realms. It also does not mean you can interpret and understand the energies that reach your brain.

Few references exist about these subtle worlds, their energies, and the beings living in them. Therefore, people have interpreted the subtle worlds in many ways, almost as many ways as there are people who can see them. It is like the story of the blind men and the elephant: Each man interprets the entire elephant based on the small part he feels. That is true in your world in general and even more so in your interpretations of the subtle worlds.