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Nourish the Seed through Prayer

Nourish the Seed through Prayer Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good day to you, my precious ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. Most importantly, I am your mother. I have carried you in my womb from the time when you split off from the oneness — never leaving the oneness but having a different experience. You are protected and cared for.

The reason I have asked this one [the channel] to let me come through and speak about prayer — and that is the word you most often hear — is that there are some misconceptions. I want to give you new conceptions. How is that, new conceptions? With conception, what happens? There is a new birth. After conception, there is a time when the one conceived is hidden within the womb and filled with love and nourishment until it comes to a place where it can live outside the womb. I’m talking about the womb of your mother, your birth mother. This is a concept we wish to place in you. We, Amma and Abba, give you the seed. We ask you to allow it to be there and to water it with your love.

Use your love and what we give you to communicate with us and with yourself. Various religions have mentioned four types of prayer; gratitude, petition, and praise are three of these, and asking for forgiveness is the fourth. It is easy from the human realm to identify with these four and to distinguish the type of prayer offered. That is an intellectual exercise, and it is perfectly fine to do it, but we ask you to learn how to communicate with us from the heart and connect to it when you use your mind.