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New Reality Programs Are on Their Way

New Reality Programs Are on Their Way Thoth through Kenton David Bell

We are entering a time of great change. Changes are happening to the programs that have been playing out here on planet Earth for some time. Our channel has often talked about the Egyptian program still playing out. This is true in many ways. We want to go back to the time of Egypt, to the beginning of Egypt, when this program was put in place after the fall of consciousness in Atlantis before the Egyptian age and cycle. You must remember.

I say “must remember” because it is in most of you, in your cells. In your spiritual DNA, you have stored memories of this time. When we go back to the beginning of Egypt, the program was created out of the need to save humanity from the calamity that had just occurred: the fall of consciousness during which most of humanity was almost lost.

We don’t mean just individual human beings; we mean humanity itself. We created a program that a few would be the chaperones of in physical form, guiding and taking care of the consciousness just as a nomadic Neanderthal would carry an ember in an old horn.