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The New Age Has Begun

The New Age Has Begun The Divine through Sara Wiseman

You are the bulb in the ground. You are the bud on the tree. You are waiting to emerge, yet there is no more waiting. The process of change has begun. The bleak, dark days of worry and chaos are over.

What are you to do in this new age that is already here but does not quite feel here yet? We suggest that you rest and prepare yourself, that you gather your energy and let it sustain you. You are still a bud waiting to flower, and it is not quite time for you to emerge; you are still acclimating.

For some of you, this new energy feels like coming home. You love to float and fly in this new energy, to shift dimensions and experience yourself as a soul. It has been a long time since you’ve felt this way. For others of you, the new energy feels good, but it is taking some getting used to. You might feel extremely expanded. The new energy is so bright and fresh and clean; you take it in deep gulps as if you can’t get enough. You buzz with this new vibration; you bring it in to your body and let it lift you.