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The Master Plan for Expansion

The Master Plan for Expansion Masters of Universal Oneness through Judith K. Moore

I am the master force of universal consciousness. I am the wisdom of creation. I am the cosmic gnosis. Earth is experiencing a massive, incomprehensible force called the centrum force. It has various elements, qualities, unique properties, and vibrations. These vibrations form a holy hologram of synthesis with harmonic resonance in the multiplane. The centrum force is a cosmic power of creation.

All ascension workers on the world grid’s power points are synchronized to respond to cues from the master plane and engage with the centrum force. We Masters of Universal Oneness have prepared to open the field. We prepared the alchemy. You, as lightworkers, are part of this expansive alchemy in the multiplane when you actively engage with the master frequency.

We have waited for creation to open and expand and for the flow of the centrum force. We, the Masters of Universal Oneness, align with the inner planes and expansive nature of creation as it forms our living universes. We access the star systems and star alliances through our star families. We access key points in the multiplane called points of resonance as they spread out through the universes, galaxies, and cosmos. Each point of resonance relays energy from one multidimensional plane to the constellations of light and vibration of the holy hologram. This works through portal systems using the continuum of energy that links vital energetics of each unique vibration in the multi-plane.