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Light-Energy Healing Used Around the World

Light-Energy Healing Used Around the World The Council of the Ascended Masters through Dr. Raja Merk Dove & Jim Ohneck

Cosmic energy is abundant in the cosmos. To gather and direct this energy, the Epoch 980nm Laser(TM) and the Epoch InfraHelios(TM) Light Systems are, in my opinion, the best and simplest tools for receiving positive healing energy.
— Zadok RA Osiris, ND, DD

Zadok RA Osiris and Astaria Seraphina: The Council of Ascended Masters announced that the ascended masters could move on. They could go into other life cycles, but they’ve chosen to stay here to help us — the likes of you and me — so that we can continue our existence through experience. We are told that many of these masters are taking embodiments in native tribes in Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, and Tibet and in leaders of various New Age retreat centers around the world.

We can thank our lucky stars that the ascended masters stay on the planet to assist us with thought projection and that they also employ lasers, wireless transmissions of light, and violet-flame activity. They are working now with an interplanetary starfleet commandeered by Commander Ashtar to completely heal planet Earth and lead it to ascension. This is the reason that their presence is so important.