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It’s Time to Cast a Big Net

It’s Time to Cast a Big Net Observer through Steve Rother

I join you this day with a vision of planet Earth to help you see where you are in this beautiful game. When you awoke this morning, you not only got up and put your clothes on but also put on your body suit. You designed this suit for your journey on the gameboard. It reminds you of the part you play as you regain consciousness from the sleep state.

Your body suit carries your larger goals, beliefs, and emotional scars, so it is like a bookmark, reminding you where you left off and what you were doing. When you sleep, you carefully set it aside as if it is a suit of clothes you hang up for the night. You clean it and prepare it for the next day’s journey. It supports and protects you in the density of the game. It’s a beautiful game, but seeing it as a game is very challenging when you’re in the middle of it.

Something interesting happened recently that we would like you to become aware of and anchor in your life. As we’ve mentioned before, time started to shift and come together several years ago. Time has always been variable for people. Although that is not a problem, the collective vibration has been somewhat stationary in relation to time. That is changing ever so slowly. The human heart is on the rise. Celebrate this, dear one, and anchor it into your life.