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Human Energy Systems: People’s Auras Interact and Intermingle

Human Energy Systems: People’s Auras Interact and Intermingle Charles Shahar

An energy field surrounds all living beings. The word “aura” is often used to describe this field. “Aura” has roots in the Greek language, meaning “vapor” or “breath.” Our personal auras constantly mesh with those of our surroundings. When people live together, their auras intertwine, and if they are intimate, this connection is particularly strong.

For instance, they say that after a few years, couples often start acting and speaking similarly. This is because their energy fields are constantly intermingling. They become very sympathetic in terms of their vibrational patterns, and some will say that they know what their partners will say before they actually verbalize it. In extreme cases of auric resonance, they might even begin to resemble each other physically.

When I speak about the aura, I don’t want to get preoccupied with its colors and other visual characteristics. I know certain people have a clairvoyant facility for seeing textures or hues, relating them to emotions and intelligence. These abilities are impressive, and almost anyone can learn to develop them with the right training.