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The Great Gemstone of Oneness

The Great Gemstone of Oneness Yeshua through Denise Bennett, PhD

I like your question, cherub. Let us dive right in. Your intention is set, so take a deep breath and clear the workspace. You have both hands closed, and that means you are unable to receive. The vessel for knowledge is overloaded and full of clutter. So let us begin there. Search your thoughts and beliefs. What must you discard to transform your thinking? We have spoken about this before. You humans ask many questions, but you do not truly seek answers, as they would require action and change. You are comfortable with the status quo. You fear disruption of your routines, so you tolerate much in order to have predictability. Will you consider something else?

Answer this, dear ones: How happy are you? We watch you stumble around in the dark and complain of your numerous woes, and all the while you hold the lantern in your hand, unlit. We will spell this out for you. Your frustration — the global unrest — is merely one unsolved problem, not the myriad issues you imagine. You believe millions of separate minds and voices are clamoring for attention. You watch your news programs and believe the pitch — fear-filled and skewed — to achieve a predetermined outcome. The trap has been set, and you fall prey. Do you not see it? Why is it so frightening to hear the truth?

We give you a heads up: The illusion cannot sustain itself. This is a good thing, for ignorance has no place in God’s plan for salvation, which is the reunification of 8 billion points of light, his only begotten son in totality. And who is that? It is you and it is me. We are one, my brothers and sisters. Not a single soul can be left out. You have entertained yourselves with the roles you play and the stories you concoct for so long that you have forgotten they are not real. How can I convince you of their temporal nature?