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Fulfill Your True Mission

Fulfill Your True Mission Serina Aramaki

In Buddhism, the term “Buddha-nature” describes the concept that human beings are created by God and that we have the same nature as God, or Buddha, within us. It tells us we are all equal and that every one of us has an ability to create and design our future. However, how many of us truly know what we are here to create? How many can say, “I know my purpose, and I’m living for it”?

Staying true to our mission in life is key to staying the course through life’s storms. But to hold fast, we must have a clear understanding of what our mission is and a strong mindset to steer us there. Finding our mission and developing the mindset muscle that will keep us on course takes awareness, intention, and effort. Today’s chaotic, uncertain times have brought us to a choice point: sail adrift and rant at the wind and waves or take the helm and navigate a happy and abundant future for ourselves and the world.

Step 1: Clear your mental space. When you remodel your home, it is best to begin with a little housecleaning. By sorting through your belongings and cleaning your rooms, you get an idea of what you have, what you want to keep, what you want to discard, and what you need to create the new space you envision. Similarly, when you set out to remodel your life, a little mind-cleaning is called for to clean away old, negative habits and make space for your new dreams. It is important to assess your mind’s tendencies, realize what mistakes you have made, and determine what might be lacking in order to make a change for the better.