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The Four Dimensions of Sacred Geometry in Tarot

The Four Dimensions of Sacred Geometry in Tarot Ethan Indigo Smith

“Geometry focuses on understanding the tangible. Meditation focuses on understanding the intangible. The benefits of understanding the outside world are stupendous, and the benefits of understanding the inside world are limitless.”
— from The Geometry of Energy: How to Meditate

Tarot cards are a means to comprehend subtle energy. The tarot is often used to perform divination, which is essentially intuitive understanding of specific subtle energies. The tarot reveals the story of energetic development and the ascension process of an individual and situation through the understanding of subtle energy via the lessons in the symbolism of the cards. It can also be used for divination.

The study of the tarot is useful for understanding people and situations without necessarily utilizing it as a divination tool. The lessons available in the layered symbolism of the cards reveal meaning in our psychology, spirituality, and life experience helpful for our internal growth process and understanding the external world.