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Feel the Great Central Sun and God Love Within

Feel the Great Central Sun and God Love Within Surya through David Christopher Lewis

I, Surya, activate the Great Central Sun magnet in your hearts and God government on Earth. The Great Central Sun is yours to claim within your cells, for when you accept the Central Sun’s divine light where you are, I inscribe within you a replica of it for you to know. Bask within to feel its completeness, perfection, and divine glory. Within this radiance, God alights within you. Your spirit ascends to be fully with and in your God presence and one with the Great Central Sun. You have said these words acclaiming that you are one with the Sun, and the Sun comes to serve you, anoint you, and fill you with light.

God government is needed now on planet Earth, yet what is government, save God’s light over humankind? When God reigns supreme within human hearts, then you will see righteous government. When there is the anomaly of men and women here and there going after other gods, the gods of Baal, Beelzebub, and Satan, then you see not the divine light fully represented and manifested within your culture and world. This is the conundrum of the hour, dearest ones.

Many lightworkers, lightbearers, and lightsharers are calling for the great transformation, the great awakening, yet some will not have it, for they do not know God within themselves. How could there be a culture ensconced in godliness, virtue, and all that is benevolent and pure? You must be the receptors of a greater light from the Great Central Sun to hold that balance and to be that difference. More people will awaken to the great restorative fires of the spirit that come at the nexus of one age transiting to another.