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Energy Masters: Heart Is Unconditional Freedom

Energy Masters: Heart Is Unconditional Freedom The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

In this final review on energy, how does the heart finally become free energy?

Energy masters, this is our final transmission on energy before we transmit a series on the essence-energy imprints, gifts, and new careers of the light children over the next five generations, representing your new cosmic race where the heart lives its freedom.

Yes, free energy is essence-heart communication, which creates and guides your every moment and manifestation. The heart vibrates essence matter into existence, and it simply appears in your hands to use. You have entered a new Aquarian, cosmic-day reality in which each unique soul-heart’s love is embodied freedom. The great mass migration and soul transfer to move beyond the death, disease, and suffering energy of your 2020 viral consciousness cleared the way. The mastery of the light vessel over the next generations will end the need for reincarnation in the coming light universes, because its essence-heart DNA codes can imprint any form it chooses to experience through the blend of quantum density. This was created by merging human emotion, angelic senses, and spirit essences.