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Elevate Earth’s Collective Consciousness

Elevate Earth’s Collective Consciousness P’Taah through Marcela

I am P’Taah, a master teacher in the Pleiadian Collective. The Pleiadian connection is important to help starseeds remember why you came to Earth. Pleiadians are human, and we also experienced a third-dimensional planet that ascended. We have experience in the ascension process and can guide you. You are inherent healers. As a starseed in a human incarnation, you have many gifts, including individual healing, group healing, and planetary healing, that you can share with those in your immediate circle and the rest of the world.

Our mission is to help you remember your true essence and identify your healing gifts. We want to help you heal yourself and identify the areas in your life that need attention to transmute and transcend those densities and possible blockages you brought in as a part of your soul’s expansion, evolution, and development. We want to help you relate to yourself in a more loving and understanding way, because being in this dimension at this time is difficult for a starseed.

Before you came into this human incarnation, you decided you would assist humanity in its ascension. You made this commitment and contract, and now you are awakening to this memory and to the truth that you are important in the evolution of Earth and Earth’s ascension. You, and others like you, are needed at this time. We are here to help you relate to yourself better, have more love and compassion for yourself, and in this way have more love and compassion for others. We are here to help you navigate this three-dimensional experience with a perspective of love, understanding, and compassion.