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Discover Internal and External Harmony

Discover Internal and External Harmony The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

February 2021 begins with Mercury retrograde in the harmonizing sign of Aquarius, the water bearer who carries two urns of energy — one flowing from the cosmos to Earth and all upon it and the other gathered from this dimension flowing back to the cosmos — representing the balanced reciprocity of the universe. Although Mercury retrograde ends February 21, the effects will be felt until the new moon in Pisces on March 13 when Mercury returns to its original point of beginning retrograde.

Once again, beings from other times, spaces, and dimensions will be traveling in and out of the current time-space continuum in and around Earth, bringing wisdom, truth, and guidance regarding wise use of energies in attaining and maintaining balanced reciprocity within and without. Toning, drumming, and the power of the word will carry stronger activations when aligned congruently — and devoid of ego — with the soul-heart’s guidance, love, and destiny.

Each person will be pressed to discover what internal and external harmony look and feel like. Anything not in alignment with the soul-heart’s destiny or that vibrates out of tune with the truth of self will demand attention, clarification, and adjustment, individually and collectively, worldwide. All That Is must come into cosmic harmonization or the old soul song it sings will cease, dissolving until it is no more.