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Connect with Christ Consciousness

Connect with Christ Consciousness White Eagle through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is a morning sunrise. The sun is rising over the mountain peaks, and soaring in the morning light is a huge white eagle. The eagle circles and swoops around me and gently lands on a tree branch. Then with a flash of white light, the eagle shape-shifts into the lightbeing I know as White Eagle. He stands before me holding a white eagle feather.

White Eagle: Welcome to all who choose to read these words. I come before you today with much love and respect for your human journey in the Earth realm. I bring you words of hope and solidarity, and I stand with each of you. Today I give you the invitation to embrace Christ consciousness. Allow yourself to receive this mindfulness into your physical body, embrace it in your emotional and mental bodies, and allow it to support you in your spiritual body.

This transcendent, all-inclusive energy of unconditional love is available for each of you to embrace and accept into your hearts. You will receive support from this omnipresent energy of love. Remember, you chose to come to planet Earth in this journey as a human, and you are connected to the trees, rocks, animals, and the four elements of wind, earth, fire, and water.