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Ask Sara: Your Soul Journey Continues

Ask Sara: Your Soul Journey Continues Sara Wiseman

Each month, we answer questions about spirituality, intuition, and soul growth, and we suggest how to work in flow with the universe.

Is it possible to have karma with institutions, companies, countries, or cultures that needs to be worked through? I think my question is about the religion I was raised in. Do you have any thoughts about this?
— Randy

From Sara: Excellent question. Yes, every organization, company, political party, religion, sports team, and family — or any kind of group — is an energetic entity. At the highest vibration levels, groups can help us understand our connections to each other, assist us in feeling that we are part of something, and help us understand that separation is a myth. Whenever you are part of a group focused on inclusion, equality, positivity, and generosity and where you are free to be exactly who you are while still a member of the group, you will be lifted by the energy of the group.