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All Is in Divine Order

All Is in Divine Order Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

The chaos you see, feel, taste, touch, and hear is all in divine order, or shall we say, reorder. Your whole world, the one you created so brilliantly to experience All, is now in reorganization mode. You might have never sensed anything like this, so you have no frame of reference. Your third-dimensional senses are bombarded with all you created in the past to comprehend whether you want to continue creating or change completely. It is your choice. Choose wisely, my loves, for your future depends on it. Some of you will create a magical New Earth while others will cling to and repeat the past. This is the moment of choice. All is in divine order. As you are divine, all is in your control. You are free to create a world of love or fear.

The winds of change are upon you. Which way they blow is for you to decide. You might give up and come Home. At Home, you might regroup and return to whichever Earth you choose to create or re-create. The baton has been passed to you. We wait to see what each of you chooses.

In all the chaos and bombardment of your senses, we see some, even lightworkers, lose their cool and revert to old habits. This is just for you to say one last goodbye to your old way of thinking. The old has a mesmerizing effect on you, as you have been immersed in it for so long. Remember, it is your creation. You become attached to what you create. See the light through the chaos, and know in your hearts that all is in divine order. You are also free to redo the past until you deem yourselves complete with it. You are free to create all new adventures for yourself and others.