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Akashic Answers: Love Connections Across Time and Place

Akashic Answers: Love Connections Across Time and Place Amanda Romania

As I reach my fortieth year on this planet, I am trying to make sense of my love life. I laugh as I say this, as I would hardly describe my life as having love. It has felt like a revolving door of heartbreak and karmic relationships. What advice do you have for me?

I was told by a spiritual teacher many years ago that one of my life lessons was unconditional love. From that point on, I guess you could say I have given love but have never felt I received it back. At this point, I am feeling complete with Canada and seeking to live somewhere else, and I was offered a job in Costa Rica, of all places. I know that’s random, but what do you think?
— Connie, Canada

From Amanda: First of all, you are love and lovable. I see from your akashic numbers that you are here on a soul path number 6. This means you are here to embrace and learn about love, harmony, and family. I have rewritten the unconditional love contract, as it seems you had this a little confused with the idea that love in the unconditional sense is love with no boundaries.