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You Are the Master of Your Life

You Are the Master of Your Life Jesus of Nazareth through Virginia Ellen

Virginia: Here we are in 2020. We have witnessed so many changes in our lives and in the world. We have shifted and changed greatly within our hearts, minds, and souls as we’ve journeyed to become the living lights of love and truth. We have the opportunity to change the course of our futures and the future of our beloved planet.

Our power is in the truth of love. At this time, it is very important that we learn the truth of love. Once we have the truth, then we can change the circumstances of our lives and the world.

Jesus: Each word spoken has a realm beyond the intellect. The spoken word is power itself. Each sound spoken is a living being. You are the master and maker of your life. Thought is the weapon by which you build your heavenly mansion of joy, love, peace, and strength. By abuse of thought you destroy yourself and descend. Do not look to the body for pleasure, for then the body begins to fail.