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You Are Evolving beyond Duality and Being Reborn into a New Reality

You Are Evolving beyond Duality and Being Reborn into a New Reality Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Lady Portia: I want to describe what might occur in the year 2020, because many unexpected events are happening in the outer world. We will focus this message mainly on the changing energy of the planet. Great work will be accomplished this year that allows Earth to evolve, but not all the progress will be obvious until perhaps the second half of the year. At that time, events will develop that give hints of the new direction coming for the planet, especially in the United States.

This process will shock many because it will begin very fast, and many circumstances will change. New developments and unexpected occurrences will redirect the course of many things now happening in your society. We are speaking about the deep political divisions that are bringing up extreme negativity within the human psyche, specifically in the U.S.

This drama has been unfolding for some time, and I’m sure you have all witnessed the battle royal taking place in the U.S. political arena. It is very distracting for humanity, and it has been a controlling influence on the consciousness of Americans for quite some time. I want to emphasize the deeper lesson, the very important lesson, being delivered to the human population.