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Willful Intentions for Accessing the Fifth Dimension

Willful Intentions for Accessing the Fifth Dimension Artemis through Kenneth Drake

Greetings to you, dearest souls. All manifestation and incarnation into the three-dimensional space-time regarded as life on planet Earth is but the byproduct of willful, conscious intent. Intent, when coupled with true will, is the catalysts of all manifestation — in your world and in the worlds beyond.

We come forth to speak to you now regarding what is sure to be a most productive paradigm shift within your own evolution — the dawning of a brand-new year within your linear calendar time. Though we do not regard time as you do, it is essential that we speak to you concerning what will be a truly remarkable time ahead as you enter the beginning months of 2020.

You have heard us, on many prior occasions, speak to you concerning the art of harnessing desire to manifest and bring about your authentic divine will. There is even more to be said, especially concerning your ability to bring about all that you desire. You have been given many promises from our world and have been inspired on many occasions to put into practice the magical and most otherworldly power of your desire — manifesting and creating, then creating and manifesting all over again, your reality.