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Twin Flames, Moving into Union

Twin Flames, Moving into Union The Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Good day, sweet angel! You have learned so much. You now realize that with all the latest energies, codes, and alignments coming in that you are being prepared for the new. These are new beginnings, not just for you but humanity as a whole. We see that you now fully understand the meaning and reasoning for divine intervention. It is not always about answered prayers; it is more about spiritual growth and ascension.

You are moving into the new. This is a slow process, but it’s very necessary. Coming into union with your twin flame will enhance your joy and bliss. Yes, you both still have lessons and epiphanies to experience, but the foundation of love is now very stable. You can’t ask for more than this! You will take the time to really know each other and expand your love every day.

You see that you are truly mirrors for one another, no matter what bumps and bruises the relationship handed out in the past. The events and details that occurred between you do not matter at all. It was all about recognizing your fears and old programming and learning their lessons.