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Times of Testing

Times of Testing Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

These times are times of testing. This doesn’t mean that if you fail the test the world will be over in a single stroke — nothing like that. It means that you will just have to wait longer to move on to a more benevolent world without dying, and that benevolent world will be a wonderful place for all people.

So, what is the testing about, and what form does it take? When you look around, how is your country running? Is it running smoothly, and are people catered to according to their needs? Are the taxes not crushing? How is the weather: Is it fine, and is it comfortable? Do you get the rain you need, do you get the warmth you need, and do you get snow to enjoy? How are things, and what’s that you say? Things are not perfect? Things are not wonderful in your part of the world? Things are not as wonderful as you would like in your family or in your life?

This is a time of testing. There are old ways that work, and there are new ways that work. The ways that you use can be many and varied; it doesn’t have to be just one way. The old ways are old because they work, but they tend to be forgotten at times.