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In Sync with Your Soul

In Sync with Your Soul Master Chou through Sarah Tyler-Walters & The Peacemakers

You have left the Year of the Pig, a wonderful year for those at the top who were happy in their little patch, wallowing in the mud. You know the ones I mean — very contented but not going anywhere useful. On January 25, you entered the Year of the Rat. The rat is very active. The rat wants to be out there doing things. This is the year for those who seek change to push themselves forward. The rat reaches out, and that is what Earth needs now. It is about spreading out, getting cooperation between people, between countries, drawing people on all levels and in all areas together who want a better world. New connectivity between people is required. For that, you need to be in balance and all of you Peacemakers here tonight, I know, are seeking that.

Many people worship the Sun today. They seek light to the exclusion of darkness. Up there, the ego basks in its sense of importance. The imagination whizzes around and personal responsibility is at the mercy of the wayward mind. Go further up now and notice what happens. There, you see. You are in the whirlwind, spiraling further up. Nothing serious can be held up there, and this creates imbalances in the rest of your system. Up there, you can so easily be swept away in it.

Stop that now. I know you are convinced. The body is a vehicle only, and the mind is influenced by all the other manifestations of the self, the personality, ego, conscious and subconscious minds, and subpersonalities that come and go throughout your life. The power should never be in the mind — definitely not. It is with most people. That is why the world is in such a terrible state. Look at the spiritual movement today. They are all wandering off the planet, thinking they are enlightened. Up there, it keeps escalating and only means that there is a lot further to fall. Most of humanity today is up there, floating in fantasy.