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Spiritual Symmetry and Starseed Activation

Spiritual Symmetry and Starseed Activation Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Throughout the entire universe, all physical and spiritual laws work the same — in symmetry. Physics and the laws of gravity are operational no matter where you are, including the planet you are on and the galaxy you inhabit. For example, an apple falling from a tree conforms to the laws of gravity known as Newton’s laws. This is true on Earth as well as on all Earth-like planets in the Andromeda galaxy, or any other galaxy in the universe. Symmetry means that there is sameness throughout the universe.

Symmetry also exists spiritually and in different dimensions. You might think of each dimension as separate, having its own rules and regulations. This is partially true. To access the fifth dimension, you have to attain a higher level of vibration and a higher level of consciousness; you cannot enter when dominated by lower feelings such as jealousy, hatred, or contest. Nonetheless, there are complementary and symmetrical characteristics across dimensions.

The laws of spiritual attraction work on both the third and fifth dimensions: Your thoughts and the energy you emanate attract energies in alignment with you. There is, however, one significant difference: On the fifth dimension, the law of attraction is immediate. On the third, the law of attraction is slower, due to the density of the third dimension. This delay is for your own protection. The third dimension is geared toward your learning experience.