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See the Oneness of All Things

See the Oneness of All Things Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

We wish to speak to you on the subject of evolving beyond the present duality, in which people become so easily divided into opposing camps who absolutely despise each other. We see this especially within your political arena as both political parties proclaim they are correct in their beliefs and assertions and demonize “the other.” Our message to you today is to be aware of this dynamic, and simply choose not to participate.

Do not allow your attention to be captured by all the negativity that is constantly being broadcast over the airways, as this is extremely destructive within human consciousness. That is why we are warning against participating in what you are witnessing as the divisions deepen in your political arena. It is so important that lightworkers do not fall victim to this level of consciousness and descend to this level of polarization. You are all well beyond this level in your consciousness and knowledge.

When you make this choice, you avoid the fragmentation and polarization of your consciousness and all the consequent damage to you that is brought about by taking sides in what you view as “positive” and “negative” opposing views. Bless all these people when you think of them, and be sure to keep your consciousness in a higher frequency to avoid the destructive nature of such negativity.