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Relate Differently to the World

Relate Differently to the World The Council of Light through Patrick Garlinger

We have spoken of your tendency to fall into old patterns when it comes to how you engage with the political and social realms, and we have spoken of how you must align yourself to other possibilities, to infinite possibilities, but this is not done without some effort. It requires that you continually release your judgment and look at the world with different eyes, with divine eyes.

By this, we mean that you must look at the world as being in perfect, divine order now, not as something that is flawed, with a future moment bringing something better or even perfection. Look at it now as the instantaneous creation of divine perfect order, as a measure of your current state of consciousness.

You are moving toward perfection. You are moving toward releasing the structure of the ego — as created by the collective consciousness rooted in judgment, separation, and exclusivity — and moving toward unity. This is what we mean by the Christ consciousness: the unity in all beings as you realize that your differences are mere play and the multiplicity of all forms of life. The opportunities available to you to express yourself differently in form are incredible. They are a joy; they are a gift. Instead, you rally around those differences as if they are things to protect and defend. They are not.