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Receive Everything with Love

Receive Everything with Love The Hathors through Maureen St. Germain

We are the Hathors, flooding Earth with love, love, and more love. You often call on ascended masters and other beings of light to support you. We, the Hathors, are close to you and support you greatly.

We ask you to be patient with yourself and others. The time has come to let go of your old wounds, your lack of sovereignty, and your lack of compassion for yourself and for others. Ask us to help you to be filled with compassion, love, and appreciation. We ask you to feel compassion and love for everyone you meet. This is not always easy, as many deliberately choose to irritate or upset you. You wonder why they behave that way or whether you did anything to deserve it. What you have done to deserve it is to be loving and full of light. What that does is create the desire to feed entities and dark energies that may be hiding in them.

We’d like to remind you that only one soul is permitted in one body, unless of course a woman is pregnant. One soul, one body — anything extra may need to feed off the energy of another. If you are finding this to be true and you are being annoyed or stimulated in a way that causes you to lose your center or your sweetness, understand that when you react, you are giving lunch to those energies that you do not wish to feed. Once you begin to realize this, you can be a little more proactive.