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Rainbow Cape of Light

Rainbow Cape of Light White Buffalo Calf Woman through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is a prairie landscape that goes for miles. The sky is a sapphire blue, and interspersed in the sky are puffy white clouds that swirl and change as the wind moves them across the sky. Walking toward me is the beautiful energy of White Buffalo Calf Woman, whom I have come to know and love.

White Buffalo Calf Woman: I come to each of you today with love and strength. I ask you to close your eyes and allow my love to flow over your bodies. Breathe deeply, and know that as you breathe, I am offering support to each of you. Please accept the strength I offer you and allow it to seep into your blood, bones, and muscles. I am here for you, rainbow children of the world.

I intentionally call you rainbow children to remind you that each of you carries the colors of the rainbow in the spirit bodies that surround your physical bodies. You are surrounded by a rainbow cape of many colors. Woven into this cape is all your wisdom from this lifetime and from past lives. The cape holds for you unconditional love and healing qualities you can call on for this journey of life. Each color connects you to a different dimension in which you have incarnated in other lifetimes. These colors are connected to your advanced knowing and are a part of your cosmic connection.