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Prepare for a Rude Awakening

Prepare for a Rude Awakening Lynn Buess

The false American economy of the past ten or twelve years will be revealed to be moving from inflationary to seriously recessionary. Now that the Chinese Yuan is a petrocurrency, the dollar will see its last days of global supremacy and decline in value. The masses will become more aware of how badly administrated the country has been for well over a decade. Economic instability and social upheaval are becoming more evident in the U.S. and around the world.

Growing unrest and tension in Mexico can have side effects north of the border. The awakening masses have grown tired of economic tyranny and are slowly realizing they can have a voice in molding a new form of currency that is based on the true value of products and productivity rather than something created by a few people out of thin air.

This is the time of establishing a true global economic, social, and political system based on merit and equal distribution to the population. Will the masses wake up and take responsibility for their part in making this happen?