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Practical Spiritual Practice

Practical Spiritual Practice Nancy Robinson

I can appreciate books and healing systems that focus on the positive. It bothers me, though, when the message seems to be that if you just use “this” technique, “that” affirmation, or something else, then everything will change quickly and your wonderful new life will flow with ease.

It’s good to stay positive and open because miracles can and do happen and events can manifest quickly. However, I wish more would be said about the usual process that I’ve observed in many who are developing their spiritual gifts and talents. Many clients that I’ve worked with go through a more gradual manifestion process, making changes over time and seeing steady and consistent transformations through practice, focus, repetition, and ongoing clearing/healing.

Practice and practice some more: I’m first a spiritual coach and healer, but I also have an extensive background as a professional trainer. Many of my clients go through a learning process, developing a new talent or skill by practicing, making mistakes, correcting them, and then trying again until they internalize what they are learning. It’s good to stay open and allow for miracles, but if they don’t show up immediately, you may be experiencing a more gradual process of change. If that’s happening, keep working on what you want to manifest instead of feeling that you aren’t doing it right or giving up.