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Permanently Live in Higher Frequencial Energy

Permanently Live in Higher Frequencial Energy Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

It is with great joy that we connect with you once again. We have much to share with you. In coming times, you will soon experience great change. This is coming not only to you separately but to all humanity that resides on planet Earth. There is a huge shift of energy that will arrive soon, before your spring months. This energy is meant to give you greater capability to live in higher vibrational energy.

One of the factors that is keeping you in place and impeding your progress or evolution is that you are not capable of physically holding higher frequencial energy. Let us clarify. You are now capable of experiencing it temporarily but are, as yet, unable to hold it permanently. This inability to permanently hold higher energy was not considered when the flow of higher energies was being sent to you. It was expected that once you experienced it, you would naturally stay in that vibration. It was unforeseen by those who created and sent the energy that your physical body was incapable of remaining at the higher frequencial vibration of the energies they sent you.

We did what we could to alert you to these energies, expecting you would be able to adjust to them permanently. It was like giving a child a new toy and expecting her to remain perpetually in the state of joy and happiness that she felt the moment she first received it. It is not in human nature nor in the makeup of your physical bodies to remain at a higher vibration than you are at now.