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The Path to Spiritual Maturity

The Path to Spiritual Maturity Brahman through Pablo Morano

When life manifests itself, that which has been latent becomes present: It shows up and incarnates. It is the only way that the divine has of manifesting; there is no other.

That which is one needs to become two in order to experiment with itself: subject and object, female and male . If not, it wouldn’t have the necessary opposing force for it to manifest. This is the same way that, for you to look into your own eyes, you need something to reflect your face back at you. This feels easy today, because you look at yourself from the outside each day in a mirror. But imagine how it was hundreds of years ago, when a mirror was not something common. To be able to look at yourself from the outside was complex and mysterious. Today it is common, just like many other things have become common to you.

It is a great era of opening to knowledge, to the having and obtaining, but as much as you try to make the sacred something simple, you will not experience it deeply unless you live it. That brings you a lot of frustration, and you constantly get lost on the path. How come everything can be easily turned into an instant pill but not spirituality?