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No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present Norma through Jenine Beecher

Norma: Today we are going to talk about time. In your world, your linear thinking model has given you the luxury to entertain the existence of the past and future. Now you need to focus on the energy of the present. Power lies in the present; it is where creation and inspiration originate. When you focus solely on the expression of the present moment, all energy from creation is available to move through you.

You have spent many years being afraid of the power of this energy. The linear-thinking model lets you feel safe and in control, as if you know your place within the movement of time. Now, move from that model and allow yourself to focus solely in the present. In the present, control comes from knowing you are moving in time with your spirit’s expression.

When humanity lost sight of its connection with spirit and the divine, you no longer trusted moving with time this way. You are now being asked to dive deeper.