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Mother Earth Is Upset

Mother Earth Is Upset Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Earth is being taken apart and disrupted and corrupted by, well, I’m going to pick on people fracking. They don’t really need to be fracking anymore, because there are a lot of old oil wells that they think are dry that are actually able to produce oil again. Sorry, I don’t mean to rub salt in the wounds here. It’s just that oil is not that difficult to find anymore. So please stop fracking, because you are disrupting and corrupting underground waters and underground streams and the waters of Earth, which you have to drink to live.

Of course, now you have people doing worse things with water — much worse. Surprisingly, some people are hailing it as wonderful, and that’s because they think there is a never-ending supply of water. Well, there might be a never-ending supply of polluted water but not necessarily a never-ending supply of fresh spring water that comes out of the ground. They are burning it now in vast amounts.

Say more about this. It is to get the hydrogen out, do you mean?

Yes, that’s it. Think about it, they are getting the hydrogen out, and of course, they are using some of the oxygen to burn the hydrogen, and then the water is gone. They are doing that.