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The Love That Has No Opposites

The Love That Has No Opposites Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

Within each person incarnate on Earth is the essence of the balanced light of creation. Male or female, you each have a particle of this creator force of love, also known as goddess light, in your heart. When you feel challenged to find that loving light within you, take a moment to focus into your heart. In that moment, take some deep prana breaths, connect to the light within you, and rebalance your energies through love. It is really that simple.

As the shift to a new dimensional awareness unfolds, there will be times when you will need this sanctuary of balanced love. Though there may be unexpected occurrences along the way, you have created a blueprint filled with healing possibilities. Realize the perfection of your creation, and walk forward, my friends, as you stay present in love.

As you move through the month of February, the second month, be conscious of moving from a yin-yang, third-dimensional reality into a greater awareness of balanced love. (The number 2 represents balance in Lemurian Numerology, as brought back to us by Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling.) This can be challenging at this time of a great shift into a new dimension, but just know that you have the tools of ancient Lemurian wisdom and the balance of love in your heart. Through your meditations, you’ll find the balance of love within you.