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Living in a Sea of High-Tech Frequencies

Living in a Sea of High-Tech Frequencies Phyllis Light

What has our world become? Does it feel safe and nurturing to be alive? Does life surround us with a comforting, peaceful energy, where we can feel both relaxed and enlivened? No way! Life in our high-tech world is drowning us in countless life-damaging energies that bombard us daily, weaken our subtle bodies, and create multiple problems with our health and well-being. Life has become anything but peaceful and relaxing.

Even in the sanctuary of our homes, we are bombarded by our own (or neighbor’s) Wi-Fi frequencies, including cell phones, GPS, and overhead TV and radio broadcasts. Frequencies pound us daily, to the tune of about 300,000 per minute in most major cities. It is as if we are in a never-ending avalanche that is burying us under a mountain of unwanted, detrimental, artificial frequencies that are slowly sucking the life force out of us and, at a deep level, making us want to leave our bodies.

Yes, at a deep level, this is how people are reacting. It doesn’t feel good to be bombarded in this way, but we don’t consciously see or know what is happening. We just feel bad, get depressed, experience headaches and fatigue, and wonder what is wrong with us. Or we get more serious problems with our immune systems, such as cancer or other autoimmune system disorders more prevalent than ever in our world today.