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It Is Time

It Is Time The Ancient Ones through Jaap van Etten

We call ourselves the Ancient Ones, because we were on Earth long before humans came. We were here from the very beginning of Earth’s existence as guardians of the elements. This statement will evoke many ideas, and many names might come up. There are reasons for this, which we will share, but let us start by explaining what we mean by the elements.

We see elemental powers as the energies of creation. They are the consequence of the self-awareness of what you call the Creator, or Source. Self-awareness creates polarity, but polarity describes two extremes of the same phenomenon, and this phenomenon forms the third aspect. Within your consciousness, you give many meanings to this sacred trinity. One of these is the elemental powers of fire, water, and air.

These elemental powers are also called the mother elements. In your language, you confuse the terms “elemental power,” which is the creative power underlying all of creation on all levels, and “elements,” which are the physical manifestations of the elemental powers.