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Humanity Under Pressure

Humanity Under Pressure Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We also sense the stress and pressure many of you ask about. Your meditations and prayers do not fall on deaf ears; you are not alone. But it is often a narrow path, and you must walk it carefully without obvious reliance on others around you. Tread carefully and all will be well, for the journey is not the destination. All life is perpetual motion. You choose your pace and direction.

The realm of Earth, the physical realm, is under great pressure at this time and space. There are multitudinous reasons for this, and it is difficult for the average members of the family human to reconcile a larger perspective with what they experience from a personal point of view. The questions we often hear are, essentially, “Why me? Why is this stress or pressure happening to me, and why now?”

The physical realm is under great pressure from many sources. This is not unnatural, but it is inconvenient. It is difficult for many of you, unless you are specifically trained to deal with occurrences like this. Such pressure is felt strongest by those who are the most sensitive to subtle energy, yet you are the ones who have the greatest chances to thrive under pressure. The energy you are experiencing is of a cosmic nature. It is measurable and not yet understood by scientists.