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Human Energy Systems: Use Energy for Protection

Human Energy Systems: Use Energy for Protection Charles Shahar

Sometimes energy protections are necessary to protect the body from harm or to make the ego feel secure. If you know how to manipulate energy and channel your thoughts effectively, you can create protections around you that are every bit as effective as physical ones, and in some cases more so.

For example, you can create a wall of energy that might seem too ephemeral to change the physical environment or guard you from physical harm, but it can affect the thoughts and emotions of someone who wants to harm you. It does not matter if this person is in touch with their spirituality; your energy projections have a powerful influence.

If you are a refined and subtle soul, it is important to keep your aura healthy and strong and develop your solar plexus — the power chakra. It is interesting that spiritual people generally don’t develop this chakra, because they are not interested in worldly power. But if you know how to focus your mind and will, you can deal with unpleasant situations in ways that come from deeper understanding. Knowledge is power, especially in the case of energy protection.