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How to Thrive after the Shift

How to Thrive after the Shift Serapis Bey and St. Germain and Kuthumi through Rebecca Dawson

Serapis Bey: Greetings, blessed one. We are with you in this glorious time of discovery. This time is no longer about referencing what you already know; it is about referencing what you do not know. How does the mind-brain and body do this? They are wired to reference points in your memory, so how do you look beyond where you are? This is incredibly difficult. In many ways, you feel as if you are arriving, but you are completely lost because you believe that everything must already have a reference.

Your body is confused. Perhaps you feel more physical than you have for some time, but you don’t have a strong sense of safety. The physical body relies heavily on its nervous system to tell it which way to go. This is how the grids of belief have worked with the nervous system for eons on your planet. Now your nervous system is reinvigorated to come more into alignment with your natural exploratory processes — your nervous system is in an exploratory mode. Rather than relay information back to your memory, it can only bring you more into the open space of the unknown.

How does this translate into your life? You have a great drive to move into the unknown, but the body seems unwilling to go with you. This can be very confusing. The nervous system wants to do one thing, but the body is used to operating a different way.