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Expect an Influx of Heart Energy

Expect an Influx of Heart Energy Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

On an emotional level, February 2020 is about opening to change in expressing love and relationship energies. You can use your free will to manifest this transition smoothly and easily through clear connections and share your wants and needs with concise communication, or you can choose disruptive outbursts triggered by past traumas.

This is a powerful time of destiny, when compassion and clear communication come together to facilitate more in-depth, intimate, and authentic ways of interacting with others — your associates, business partners, friends, family members, spouses, or lovers. Since “relationship” includes your interactions with the environment, everything in your immediate world, you will seek the changes needed for your true soul-heart desires to be fulfilled. This fulfillment comes from within rather than without, but it will require both inner and outer changes.

How you interact from a heart level will require a deeper comprehension of alternatives, greater options and possibilities, rather than extreme opposites of either/or, black/white, good/bad, male/female, and so on. Polarization will no longer be an option, as you are destined to discover alternative choices — third points of synthesis between opposites — creating triadic, multi-optioned ways of seeing and perceiving through connection to the soul-heart within. Without this integration in all interactions and relationships, confusion, frustration, and power struggles are apt to manifest.