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Expand Your Heart Consciousness

Expand Your Heart Consciousness Great Spirit Collective through Jo Hutchinson

We are at a great turning point for humanity and Earth. The marker of 2012 has come and gone, and the predictions of the world ending did not occur in the way you expected. Rather, it was about a type of consciousness changing — from the mind to the heart, from competition to cooperation, and from violence to peace. This journey over the past seven years has enabled more people to grow and awaken — to be able to hold more light on Earth to create the container/temple/energetic blueprint for more of humanity to change and evolve.

The consumption of resources of your great Earth and the relationship with life itself is fragile. Now more than ever, people from all over the world are at the forefront of what is happening on a global scale. What was once hidden cannot be hidden anymore. More truths are being revealed, igniting the catalyst for worldwide “humanic” change.

What you once held to be true can be smashed into a million pieces in a second. It will make you question and doubt yourselves, as you see your naivety to be plainly obvious in broad daylight. But remember, dear ones, everything is as it needed to be in order to create the change. A flower opens when it is ready, and it is the same with you. Many of you have been learning to master the difference between emotions and feelings. You can move from being in a crippling emotional state to shifting into a feeling state, driven from your heart to create calm, be centered, and embrace knowing.