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Evolution versus Revelation

Evolution versus Revelation The guardians through Saga-Oracle

During 2020, and for several years to come, drastic changes will continue for as long as it takes to bridge from the third physical dimension to the fifth physical dimension. You will encounter many changes as you enter this phase of your soul mission:

  • Women are the game-changers and take on more leadership positions in all cultures. Respect for the feminine climbs as women demand equality and unity. They place themselves as leaders to make sure long-awaited improvements to women’s status are accomplished. Resistance is great, but women persevere.
  • Flawed security-mindset systems fail and are rebuilt without the need for cruelty or exclusivity. This includes banks and businesses as well as personal lives.
  • Children mindfully mature faster and demand a fairer, safer, and more just world.
  • Those unable or unwilling to change suffer, as universal karmic law becomes more drastic. They are cared for by those they hurt the most.