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Everything Has Karma

Everything Has Karma Madis Senner

The Eastern concept of karma says that we reap what we sow. In fact, we often reap what others have sown. This is because everything has karma. We are constantly shaped and influenced by the things we come in contact with, the places we visit, the organizations we belong to, the religions we are members of, the activities we participate in, the beliefs we adhere to, the food we eat and drink, and much more. We also have an impact on everything we come in contact with.

Karma is much more than a simple law of retribution. It binds everyone and everything to each other. If you are serious about your spiritual development, you need to get karma right and understand that everything has karma. Something that appears good might have unintended consequences.

To understand why everything has karma, we first need to know about the nature of ultimate reality. By understanding the nature of ultimate reality, we begin to see how karma works. Karma is a Hindu concept. Vedic tradition holds that the world we live in (material reality) is an illusion called maya. What is the nature of that reality?