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Ever-Pure Love

Ever-Pure Love The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

We especially bring you the energy of love this month, as Valentine’s Day opens your heart to those you think about and love. Valentine’s Day is a day when you express gratitude and love for those who are special to your heart. Love is expressed in many ways and degrees: through the love of a spouse, sibling, friend, child, and even a pet. You express love through your emotions, actions, words, fears, and insights. But only one kind of love is real, and it is created with an open heart and soul. It is called unconditional love, and it expresses itself as compassion for yourself and all beings.

Does it matter how you show love for yourself and others, and do you believe where love comes from makes a difference? Love is demonstrated through emotions, such as affection, compassion, kindness, smiles, warmth, and a sincere shake of the hand. These are all ways to express love.

Like anything worth cultivating, your ability to love expands and evolves into an ever-pure love for the unity of life itself. As your ability to love evolves, it has a healing effect on the world and the people around you that helps them love and evolve. Loving unconditionally does not depend on whether you believe in a higher power, if you believe you have a soul that continues after death, or what religion you believe in. Love is life that lives in everything and everyone through all universes. That which creates the universes is the light and love vibration that expands what is.