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Create the World You Truly Want

Create the World You Truly Want Ascended Masters through Monica Dumont

Monica: Hi, everyone. I did not have anything specific in mind when I asked the Ascended Masters to speak this time. I just asked them whether they had a message they wished to impart to readers. This message is very beautiful and speaks for itself. If I put it in terms of my experience, I would say many of us don’t realize just how much control we have over the way our lives are shaped. We think we are victims of circumstances beyond our control.

More often than not, the masters, angels, and other beings of light that work with me during spiritual healings tell me we can reshape our physical bodies and improve our circumstances by changing the way we interact with the world around us. We can do this by shifting our thought patterns and allowing ourselves to have the appropriate emotions to create the world we truly want to live in. I invite you to read the following words and allow them to help you shift into your true power as the loving masters of creation you truly are.

Ascended Masters: Space — the space between you and everyone else, the space between you and us and All That Is — is filled with particles you can tap into to create all realities at all levels in all dimensions and in all creation.